Hello guy`s - i`ve made a mess and need help!

I own cubase element 7 (I had AI 6 that came with UR22 soundcard and upgrade to AI 7 and than to ELEMENT 7)
I have recently upgrade to cubaes artist 8 and had problems with activation, so as part of my solutions trying`s, I erase all of steinberg products and install them again - no result.
only than i realized that the soft e licencer is not enough so a bought an empty usb elicencer.
but i still does not succeed to install and activate cubes artist 8.
the elicencer tell me that there is no product to upgrade and choosing one from what i have is disable.
I even tried another thing, upgrading to artist 8.5 :open_mouth: still, no luck.

does someone knows what am i doing wrong?

(I want the padshop now!!! :smiley: )

First of all, you will need to move your Cubase elements license to the Steinberg key. Then you will be able to upgrade to Artist.

1. Download and install elicenser software
2. Check this link to learn how to reactivate your license:

3. Transfer your license from software elicenser to the USB key:

4. Now upgrade your license to Artist:

Hi, thanks for replying
I cant get the reactivation work…
adding a picture

more pics


According to your pictures your Elements 7 Licence is now stored on a USB eLicencer. If you have purchased the correct upgrade licence you should be able to upgrade the Elements 7 licence to a Artist 8 Licence in the eLCC by entering the activation code. Your USB Licencer needs to be plugin in to a usb port of course :wink:

oh! my bad. i just bought the wrong upgrade…
thanks anyway.


You can buy an upgrade to elements 8 and then apply your upgrade to Artist