Hello, I cannot see licensed products under my account (for my friend request)

Hello, I am writing this for my friend who is not so much of a computer technician.
All he does is, recording and sending data to his producer.

So he had been using his imac intel 2015 with his Cubase dongle.

A few days ago, he sold his imac and, bought himself a new Mac mini m2 pro with Ventura OSX.

He did not carefully check the compatibility issue.

So, the trouble is:

  1. He owns 2 cubase versions. One, 9.5 Pro, aonther, 11 Pro under ‘different’ emails.
    But firstly can either version of Cubase work on Apple Silicon chip with Ventura OSX?

  2. He logged in, both accounts, but he cannot find any registered product.

  3. He had been using his Cubase 9.5 with his USB dongle key and he still has this. But he lost his Cubase 11 Pro’s USB dongle key.

  4. He just simply could not find ‘steinberg’s help email address’ so he kindly ask me to requet for help on forum.

What would be his best option? He is very not used to handle licenses/registering/installing etc… hehe… so please help my friend and tell me what can be done :slight_smile:

Thank you so so much!


None of these is officially compatible with the mentioned macOS. But Cubase 11 had higher chance to with properly (even though in Rosetta 2 mode). I would recommend to update to Cubase 12, which supports the system and runs natively on M1/M2 processors.

He should get in touch with his local Steinberg dealer/support to get a replacement code for his lost license.

It depends, where he is based.

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Thank you.
He upgraded to 12 Pro and it is working on m2 pro mac mini.


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