Hello Metagrid-Users - Problem with xml.Files

Hello, as a newby with metagrid I´m unable to find the necessary Metasystem.xml - Files for Cubase (the Download Button on the Metasystem-Homepage leads to nothing) - can please sombody help me along ? Cheers

Working fine for me…but this is the address for Windows:


And this for Mac:


Thnx alot for your answer - I had already found Metaserver.exe by myself - But: I still need the xml.Files that have to be imported into the Generic Remote in Cubase called: Metasystem1.xml, Metasystem2.xml etc (where all the Cubase Commands are stored). Would you kindly try again to solve my newby problem?

These can be downloaded from the same page.
URL is:


:smiley: Thank you so much - my browser refused to open the button in the metagrid homepage… Now:evrythinx fine… So long!

You’re welcome, hope you enjoy Metagrid…I wouldn’t be without it.