Hello, New here, no music in my cubase

Hello all. Iam new in the music world and so in the world of cubase.
Iv got a problem.

I wanna sing and record something. that all is good and works.
But know i need music by it. but i cant add the music in cubase. mp3 not, wav not. can someone help me.

So how do i add music in cubase? and are there good vocal removers?

Aloha Robbie,
You could use the ‘Import’ function to add .wav files or .aiff files or .mid files
(and a few other types as well).

1-Create an empty audio track and then import audio files to that track.
2-Create an empty MIDI track and then import MIDI files to that track.

Remember in order to ‘hear’ sound from MIDI tracks, the MIDI information from the track has to be sent to something that makes a sound.
Examples: an internal softsynth (Halion etc) or an external sound module.


Having said all that I just remembered that there are audio
(and MIDI) loops right in Cubase.

Just go to the ‘Media Browser’ to find them.

From there you can audition loops and then load stuff into the Project Window.

If you are not sure how to do this, just check the manual.

And also for ‘instant music’ there is always the ‘LoopMash’ Plug-in.


it works ! got the music. tnx man! good forum here.

i got monitor boxes (music boxes for record ) good ones so.

Robbie … Hi.

Yogen is good vocal remover.

I also say Find Song You Want
Go here: http://www.singsunfly.com/
Search Title and buy backing track and rights.
Import to Cubase.
Then record your vocal …
Listen … here is example I did for girlfriend: Unchain

Good Luck