Hello Summer Sale - Cubasis & In-App Purchases

Dear all,

Cubasis and all available in-app purchases are on season sale until July 18, 2017:

Cubasis special price valid from July 4 to July 18, 2017: €27.99/$24.99 (regular price: €54.99/$49.99).

Special price for Classic Machines, FX Pack 1 and FX Pack 2 (exclusively available through in-app purchase) valid until July 18, 2017: €4.49/$3.99 (regular price: €7.99/$6.99).


Ahoy Lars!
Thanks for the good news and constantly improving Cubasis.
Will there be a maintenance fix for users who don’t want the new features, just fixes?
And, of course, who would NOT WANT the new features, so: Are some of your business guys busily calculating an upgrade price for existing users?
As always, and honestly: Thanks to you and Steinberg for your customer support and perpetually working on the very killer app for Ipad!
( ^^)v

Hi yakmilksoda,

Cubasis 2.2 includes both new features and maintenance fixes.
Please scroll down this topic to browse the list of improvements/fixes added in 2.2: Cubasis 2.2 available - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums


Ahoy Lars,

thanks for your quick reply!
Maybe I wasn’t too clear (actually never had been), I wanted to know:
Will there be free maintenance fixes for Cubasis 2.1 (without new features)?
Will there be a special upgrade price, other (and of course cheaper) than the Summer Sale for everbody?

Yak ( ^^)v

Hi Yak,

Cubasis 2.2 is a free update to existing Cubasis users.
Simply launch the AppStore app on your iPad and install the update for free…


Of course it would be ridiculous and too much and inappropriate to type
So just: Thank you very much! Spassiba! Arigatoo! Etc.
If you keep up this thing, product quality, support, update policy, I might consider getting a Steinberg-Tattoo.
( ^^)v


Have great fun using Cubasis 2.2!


Argh gutted I missed the sale… Waiting for the next sale to Purchase.

Hi krevvy,

Once subscribed to Steinberg’s newletter you will not miss on upcoming offers…


Thanks will sign up
(Thought I was to be honest as I have so many other Steinberg products)

Just bought it… bit odd to find no 88.2k option?
All my cubase pro 9 projects are 88.2

Hi Krevvy,

Cubasis offers sample rates such as 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz at a bit resolution of 16 or 24 kHz.
When importing audio files which are in a different format than the project, these will be converted accordingly.

Additionally, if you plan to import Cubasis projects with Cubase, this workshop provided by John Walden from Music App Blog might be helpful for you to get things started quickly: http://musicappblog.com/cubasis-workshop-2/

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your help! Such a great mobile daw. (I’d rather not be doing src) hopefully 88.2k could be added in the future.

I find my projects sound better at higher rates and processing/fx seem to sound better even though my final delivery is usually 44.1… it may be placebo but my projects at 88.2 then finished at 44.1 sound better than all done at 44.1
96k doesn’t offer me much benefit apart from slightly higher CPU/disk loads… 88.2 is my magic number!