Hello to the Team and the Forum

First of all: Hello Everybody and Hello Steinberg Team from the very cold Munich.
I have been a Finale and Sibelius user for maaany years.
So Dorico is my hope, that writing scores on the computer finally lives up to the new century:-)

I would like to point out, that Dorico is great work so far, if considered as Programm, that needs a lot of development.

I have been working with the trail version and I am definitely willing to spent the money, if Dorico continues to develop.

I usually type in my notes with the mouse and must say, that Dorico is a real ease doing that.

All the commands are very accessible and relatively easy to find.

I will write my problems in an extra post.

Keep up the good Work and thank you.

Gruess Gott from Oakland! :slight_smile: