Hello World!

Hello World! A new era begins. Goodbye 2020 and good riddance! My third Steinberg user forum remake!


I’m still in UAT! :slight_smile:

global _start

section .text

mov rax, 1 ; write(
mov rdi, 1 ; STDOUT_FILENO,
mov rsi, msg ; “Hello, world!\n”,
mov rdx, msglen ; sizeof(“Hello, world!\n”)
syscall ; );

mov rax, 60 ; exit(
mov rdi, 0 ; EXIT_SUCCESS
syscall ; );

section .rodata
msg: db “Hello, world!”, 10
msglen: equ $ - msg

i dont like it - it’s weird and new. :smile:

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Love the new forum look!

Where to scroll through the feature requests…

Try this:

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What about user signature?

kind regards

Those are not available as default in Discourse. This might be a consideration for later, though.

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Cunningly done. :open_mouth:

But it will also show the all the old requests, not only C11 requests (if you would like that).

Maybe you can select more than one tag? But it seems messy, there should be two tag fields, I wrote about that here:

Forum looks alot better actually if you make the font smaller in the prefs

Liking the new look
How do I keep track of the articles or help I post?

New Forum…good change up and good to see.

Very confusing forum. There were other ways to “refresh” your forum. You have chosen the worst and most expensive…