Hiya Tony. Glad all is well :sunglasses:

Heya Steve, How’s the zapster doin? :slight_smile:

I had cubasis, then purchased SX2, Halion 2 and Groove Agent 1. I’ve also acquired other sequencers (Ableton Live 8, Logic 9 Express). Ai5 (an ‘OEM’ product) will be explored to determine what its role will be among the other stuff, unless I decide whether or not it’s an ‘appetizer’ before the main course, which, of course, is extremely very wonderful. :wink:

Howdy! :sunglasses:

Hi Tony,

Good to have you back! :sunglasses:


Hey, Ian. :slight_smile:

Glad to see you hangin’ around here. Look forward to reading your posts, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Wim, good seeing you here and thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Phil :slight_smile: Any steinberg forum without you as a fixture is not a steinberg forum.

Read you in the village.


Interesting. I was just thinking about you not so long ago, when I read something about Seattle

Glad you’re here, dude!

Hey, Doug.

What’s with the Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn avatar? Have you added C/W to your list of Pop Music? Just curious, no biggy.

btw, thanks for the greeting and good to read you in here, doug.

Hello :smiley:
I was relatively new to the old forum when it was old and about to change into the new, but I’ve been made to feel at home by the natives, both old and new. So hi.

Perhaps Doug is secretly hair-dresser to the stars? :wink: :laughing: Lovely big hair those CW folks seem to have… what’s up with that?

Welcome back Majik. :sunglasses:

Heya Tom, great to see you, thanks.


I don’t recall you on the old forum but thanks for the greeting.

hi back

Er, I’ve always been a C&W fan

But then I like everything. Well, except Dixieland, which I find quite irritating…although, in the right situation (tailgate party before a football game) and with the right state of mind (lots of beer consumed) it’s alright

Oh, that’s right. I forgot. I like what I like regardless of the genre they fall into, which, I guess, can mean I also like everything, but not all things in everything, i.e., I like jazz but not all jazz… and it does become situational as you say.

Howdy Tony,

How’s that learning curve (new board) going? Getting any less steep? :sunglasses:

Best Wishes,

Hi Nick,

It’s not only the new board, but also re-configuring my DAW in my matchbox condo studio. I have to hook-up my Korg CX3 along with the new MOTIF. I want the baby grand piano (upon which the monitor sits) to face west (where it’s currently facing north. I should probably confer with a Fung Shue handbook along with the MOTIF owner’s manual. This doesn’t include dusting and general de-cluttering. A lot to get done before I can get back to composing.

Best Wishes,

I hear you! My studio is in a state of constant flux. I’m always trying to enhance the ergonomics, but never seem to get it exactly right.

Fung Shue Handbook? Hmmmmmmmmm … I’ll have to look into that! Guess I’ll also have to find my old Boy Scout compass, buried deep in a box somewhere. :wink:

I worked for a Hong Kong based company years ago, and the Senior Management were so into Feng Shui that having consulted the Feng Shui man, that, at huge cost they tore out the main staircase in our new office, and replaced it with an identical one that turned anti-clockwise instead of clockwise.

Can’t complain though… It was for most of the decade that followed, one of the most successful telecoms companies in the country. Going from nothing to FTSE100 status in about 5 years.