Hello : Made with Cubase 6.5

Any comments ? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance !


Best, Knut

A really excellent song, nice production and commercial sounding…wouldn’t be out of place on any radio station…just think the 20 secs or so at 3 mins is not necessary and that’s where the guitar break should be because the song is a bit long, I believe that if we want people to take the time to listen then songs should be around the 3/4 min mark…but that’s just a personal thing, great song, Kevin

Did you take it down? The link doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Yes, sorry … :frowning: will reupload soon

Edit ; @Shadowfax : thank you so much ! (sorry late reply)

… soon reuploaded … will repost asap

when are you putting this track back up ?

Probably next week sometime :slight_smile: Will let you know

Re-uploaded ;



Btw, mastered by … me. Pro mastering later :slight_smile:

I’m afraid this is right up there with the rest of your songs :wink:
Excellent mix, very nice song too!

Great lead guitar sound you have there, is that the VST Amprack? (would love it to be, but I doubt it :wink:)

Wow … thank you so much Strophoid ! … That is really much appreciated … again !

Lead guitar ? The guitar solo you mean ? No, that is from the real thing, amps cabinets … played by Joakim Volden, a Norwegian guitarist. I dont remember all the gear he is using, but its pretty high end stuff. Soldano, Bogner, Tyler strat … ++

I thought so, cheers for clearing that up :slight_smile:


I think you´re brother of Bono, isn´t it?
Beautiful Track, really, but I agree with shadowfax about the bridge.
But don´t mind, it is world-class sound and world-class song!

Superb Guitar also.

Would you tell me, what drums you used?

Greetz, Vacsy

Who is Bono ? … hehe, kidding :wink: … ok, that was a bad joke :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Vacsy ! Really appreciate your comments ! Drums is Toontrack Superior, New York Studios Vol.2 SDX


The sound is superb. The mix is superb. The singer has a great voice. The production is superb. The song is ok.

This is Toontrack???
Wow, I never thought that it could sound so cool. Good mix.
Sorry guys n´girls, I have to go shopping now :wink: NY Studios Vol.2 SDK you say?


really well done with this song…don’t think you need a pro mix…sounds good enough now !. still think the guitar lead should be where that weird break is…Kevin

First of all ; Thank you so much Early21 !

And Vacsy ; Yes, Toontrack Superior with some Waves processing (API comp and EQ / Neve EQ) + some Spectrasonics RMX snares / loops … i forgot about this one, sorry. The rest is Superior, kick, toms, hihats, cymbals - and snare too (i usually use the Ludvig Black Beauty snare. Sounds great indeed!)

… and NY Studios Vol.2 … ehhh … i think so … Allaire … or is it Avatar studios ?.. suddenly im not 100% sure. I will check asap and let you know ! You will hear back from me in a couple of days. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Kevin ; can you please change your mind ? … hehe, kidding :slight_smile: Maybe i do something about it … later, a remix or something. A shorter version of the song. Absolutely a good idea ! Thanks !


Kevin ; can you please change your mind ? … hehe, kidding :slight_smile: Maybe i do something about it … later, a remix or something. A shorter version of the song. Absolutely a good idea ! Thanks !

Hi…just because I think something don’t mean it’s right…cheers, Kevin

I know. A good idea anyway. Thx !

@ Vacsy ; N.Y Avatar

… not New York Studios Vol.2 SDX (Hit factory). Avatar and Allaire is included with Superior Drummer as far as i can remember.

Nice, well produced and performed I thought. I like the singers voice. :slight_smile: While I like the structure as is, from a ‘radio friendly’ perspective it might be with exploring the possibility of a shorter edit though having said that I am also well aware of the realities associated with getting stuff played on commercial radio - so you might decide its simply not worth the trouble.

Good stuff! :sunglasses: