Last week and the week before I ran into a few issues with Asioguard, peak and other. Tested a few audio interfaces and decided to keep the RME Babyface pro FS.
Everything was fine and running at low latency 3.5ms 128mb buffer 24bit 44khz.
After adding a few instruments and plug-ins,
I decided to play it safe and up the buffer to 256mb. No more sound in Cubase . No more fader gains, Nothing.
The RME mixer as well. Whats mysterious about all this, on Windows the RME plays normal and all good.
Any beat or step sequencer like Playbeat 3 doesn’t trigger no more as well.
I tried :
Reset in cubase on the studio setup
I checked audio connections
I unninstalled/ installed the RME drivers.
I unninstalled/ installed Cubase 12.
Still no sound. But On windows or websites with the RME youtube or anything else works.

I’m starting to lose patience with cubase.
I had taken a break from producing for a couple years and recently got myself a new setup. Didn’t think I would run into so many issues. Witth today’s computers I tought it would of been a piece cake. ( Amd 5950x).
In the past, rarely cubase would give me problems. I’ve used cubase since 5vst , then SX until C5. But Now I’m starting to think if I should try another Daw.
Honestly it would be deceiving If I had to.
Every now and then I’m running into a problem. There’s is something with this version. So frustrated…

Forgot to mention I switched motherboard’s last weekend . My pc was running on a X570S chipset abd changed it for the B550.
Apparently its more stable so had to do a fresh install for Windows.
Oli z

Found the problem. Its Cubase 12 pro.
I will explain on a new message.
Just Imagine how frustrating it can be while working on a project. Having this lack of trust in the software you’re using and thinking whats the next bug.


If I change the buffer size, Cubase can’t play audio no more.
Let me explain how this occurred.
I was on 128mb buffer size.
Then changed the setting to 256mb.
No more sound.
Went back down to 128mb, and the sound came back.
I Up again to 256mb, no sound.
Then switch to 512mb, sound is back.
Down back to 128mb, no more sound!
Up again to 256mb, nothing no sound.
Go back to 512mb, sound is back!
Now not only the 256mb doesn’t work, but the 128mb buffer setting has stopped as well.
Currently only on 512mb buffer size I can hear audio.

Why don’t you try temporarily disabling the WDM devices from the Babyface’s panel (doesn’t it offer this option?) and see if anything changes? You’ll lose windows sounds of course, but maybe it will make diagnosing the problem easier?


This sounds like a sync issue between interface and DAW, it could be interface side or something to do with your settings.

Does the problem occur in Cubase Safe Start?

Hi, will try that

I will have to try. Can you explain the procedure pls for for safe start

You know that really makes sense, will try it

Nah, I think your babyface is fine. This has to be a setting (either in Cubase or the Babyface) that is not allowing your ASIO to change settings on the fly. That’s why I would start from the WDM ports and disable them, so that I could use the Babyface exclusively for ASIO and have it communicate with just Cubase, and no other applications like browsers and the like. I would also experiment with the option “Release Driver in background”, check that the power scheme is set for high performance (also try the Steinberg Power Scheme).

OK Oli, just do what works for you!

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