Hell's Gate (rock progressive )

Hi !
My first post ! :smiley:
This is a song programmed with Cubase 7 , superior 2 , shreddage , trillian and omnisphere .

Hi Jacker, liked it, especially the middle with the interesting chord progression. Thanks for putting it up for us.

very interesting work…is that a real guitar, if not…what is it please?..Kevin

nice work…especially liked the drum programming. since it was an instrumental and had no vocal lines, it kind of begs for a melody line (especially during the pad sequence). (My opinion only)…however you did a fine job!

Hi jacker, welcome to the forum.

Great song, nice playing /programming. :sunglasses:

That rocks pretty hard. I liked it. Very nice change of pace in that middle slowdown.
Good work!

Welcome to the forum Jacker. The riffs are all played very tightly and cleanly, and with great technique I might add (I’m a practiced ex-shredder myself. :smiley: ) The tone quality has a really pleasing sound to it. The synths add a lot to the sound too, really make the whole thing sound full. The rhythmic elements of the piece held interest and are cool. I usually comment about lack of melodies on most compositions, but the riffs hold up on their own here so I don’t have to make that criticism…for the first half. From 3:10 onward a distinctive melody is really what I’m missing so I have to concur with ferencz on that.

I liked the actual chords/harmony of the strings in the middle section. But why, oh why have you scored them as violas divisi (the section split in half) and cello (which are inherently seated/panned to the right.) The left channel sounds very empty without 2nd violins or 1st violins and on headphones the imbalance is actually fairly disorientating (not in any good way) to hear. The lead guitar blended well in the context of a composition, but being a Malmsteen, Batio, Romeo, Gilbert etc fan I’d have loved to hear a screaming lead solo in there. :smiling_imp:

Mixing-wise it sounded pleasing, the instruments had the kind of punch and delivery that you’d not only expect, but want to hear in this genre. During the middle part I’d have liked some Portnoy-style complex (but seemingly subtle) hi-hat patterns, but now I’m just picking. :stuck_out_tongue:

The chords/harmony sound great too, so overall very good stuff, really cool. \m/

That was very well done. Not what I would normally listen to but the playing and production were very professional sounding. Great job job.

You have that sound banging man! Great job on the guitars, they sound so crisp, crunchy and in your face. The musical variety in your piece is not only awesome but shows that you have studied your stuff.

Thanks for sharing, quite enjoyed it.

Hi !
Thank’s for your comments !
Another song here :
That’s a cover just for fun , all is programmed with :
Guitars : Shreddage 2
Bass : Trillian
Drums : Superior 2
Synth : omnisphere
Vocals : Pedro ( that’s un human of course ! :smiley: )
And Cubase 7
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great, love the deep purple track shame you didn`t write it . nice and relaxed the way you play guitar, like how you let the heavy chords ring instead of chugging them all the time and the feel of the track is really good ,only nag is if you could get a bit more tonal separation between instruments especially the guitars, try using different vehicles, these will offer unique tonal characters.synth great playing ,sounded alot like the guitar , and excellent voice .dig-it

well… the door at the beginning needs more reverb!

Great programming of Drums and Guitar - really sounds good and full!
The tones of the more silent part are also very good chosen.

Best regards

Sounds great. Everything. Drums kick ass. Did those sample come with superior? If not, where are the samples from? If I were looking for something negative to say, the snare sounds maybe too loud. What’s the reverb in the dramatic intro thing? Actually, the more I listen, snare is definitely too loud, drums in general really. and lead guitar way too low. Not sure I’m buying into the “pretty” part in the middle.

Wow, I’d never heard of Shreddage.