Helm - Bitter EP


My band Helm (http://www.helm-music.com) has an EP out now that we produced in Cubase 5.5 (well, some stuff was actually toyed around with in Ableton Live 8 but the serious production work was all Cubase). :mrgreen:

You can hear it here: Bitter EP - Single by Helm | Spotify


Tried going to the link, I get a web page with a play button but if I click it, I get a message about “Firefox cant do anything with the file because it’s not associated with any program”…something like that.

Could you try posting it again and/or verify the link.


Oh, you must have Spotify installed in order to use that link.
BUT: You may also listen to it through any browser here by using some of the links over at http://www.helm-music.com. There are direct links to this release at YouTube, Soundcloud, iLike etc. :wink: