HELP 5.5.5 Runtime Error R6106


I’ve just tried to open a session file, it goes through the usual loading tracks plugs etc, but stops before completion. I get the fololwing error message ‘Runtime Error- R6106 not enough space for thread data’. I’ve opened this session many times without an issue. I recently installed N6 trial on same machine, although I was told this wouldn’t cause any issues. I’m able to start a new session add plugs etc without any probs, also other existing sessions ok. I have UAD plugs and a number of other licensed plug ins some are 32bit bridged. No dodgy plugs on system. I have of course done the obligatory reboots, open backup file etc…to no avail.

Anyone with similar experience or have a suggestion as to how I get this session open?


Nuendo 5.5.5 (64 bit)
Win 7
Intel® core™ i7 -2600K CPU@3.4GHz

First of all I’ve never seen the error you are getting.
But a few things you could try…

Try to open the project without any plugins loading.
You’ll need to rename your vst plugins folder or move it.
If the project opens without plugins loading,
you’ll need to go through your plugins one at a time until you find the culprit.

Also, trashing the preferences never seems to hurt.

Sorry not more help.

Thanks for your help Rotund

I considered doing as you suggested, but decided a complete re-install would be less painful!

I noticed after installing N6 trial on the same machine as 5.5.5 that the system was less stable, so have uninstalled for the moment. I seem to now be back where I was before, ie:- able to open existing projects and work!

I’ll probably move on to N6 when they release the next update with more bug fixes.