Help! A few quick questions. (Just moved to C7 from C5)

Just moved to Cubase 7 from 5. A few little problems, can anybody help me with these?

  • Is there any way to get the lane-system back to the way it was in C5? The lanes used to be on one track and on top of eachother, now they’re all separate tracks.
  • For some reason when I record or bounce audio tracks, they don’t generate snap points anymore. You know so they’d stick to the grid. There’s a simple solution somewhere, I just don’t see it.
  • Is there a simple way to change the color scheme back to the way it was in C5? I’m just so used to the old one, I’d be faster with it.
  • The ctrl-button used to be for selecting multiple tracks around the project. Now it’s some kind of an audition / preview audio event button. What’s the name of that key command so I could change it? Couldn’t figure it out. (I might’ve caused this myself, 'cause I tried importing my keycommands from the C5 keycommands file. It was a success though, except for that one key.)

BTW, I also don’t get any presets for keycommands and preferences. Shouldn’t there be some? I installed on both Windows and OS X.


Hi there

For the lanes just click the “lanes” control icon in each track with lanes which then folds the track up. The next 2 questions I’m not sure of, The cntrl key function in the context you are talking about I think is in the Preferences under “Editing -Tool Modifiers” As far as the presets are concerned I remember this coming up before quite a few times, can’t remember the solution but it was quite simple,anyone???

Best Regards


Hey, thanks for the reply. Ok, if there’s no way to get the lanes exactly the way they were I could live with that. And the colors I can get used to. (Already tried restoring configuration presets, everything seemed to work, except the color settings didn’t come with from my C5 preset.)

And the ctrl-key. I looked at the tool modifiers in preferences and you we’re right about the functions being there. But everything seems to be in place.

But the snap points!!! I need to get that fixed asap. Cubase doesn’t generate snap points for my audio tracks anymore… Why oh why. EDIT: Don’t know what I did, but it does create snap points for SOME recorded files now. Still doesn’t do that for “audio - bounce selection” files though and for all recordings.

Halp? (With the snap points…)