help a new guy out with fast track pro cubase setup problem

Hello I am new to the forum’s I have only worked with cubase le4 and now I just received 6 as a gift. I am also new to mac’s I am currently working on a new imac as well. I have plugged in my m-audio fast track pro into the imac and i have a signal, I have also set the vst device to the m-audio but when i try to record nothing happens. usually the fast track pro was plug and play with the le4 and pc. Im sure it is something minor but I just cant figure it out. thanks for helping a person who is not very knowledgable in recording and is self taught, any of your replies will be very much appreciated.

Third time in 24 hours…
Sorry, I have to say that, but if you´re not very knowledgeable, you should start by reading the manual.
1.Choose the correct ASIO driver (as you seem to have done.)
2.connect device ports to Input busses in VST connections
3.Select correct input bus on track
Should be the same procedure on Mac and PC and well explained in the manual.

Thank you for your help, sometimes the terminology in the manual is a little hard to understand so I try to explain in detail my problem or try to watch video’s on the subject. Mabey you could extend your help again with another issue I seem to be having, when the track i just recorded is played back it is very distorted, the same problem happens when I click on the monitor button to record at which time I hear the distortion and a high pitch tone comming from the right side of my headset, I tried to look up this problem on the forum but none seemed to match my problem. any tips would be very helpful, thank you again to anyone who responds.


On your driver settings, please raise the latency slider up all the way (2048 samples). That should fix it. Since you have spent your hard-earned cash on an extremely complicated DAW, I would recommend you check out the Cubase 6 Power book. The operation manual is a beast, I know, so it’s really worth it to have a nice book that really simplifies everything. I would, in addition, check out the Getting Started manual which is more amateur-friendly. :wink:

Thanks for the reply! unfortunately turning the latency slider up is not working. I have read, watched and tried just about everything. If anyone has any other idea’s that would be great. thanks again

I found out what the problem was, if anyone else has a problem with cubase 6>mac>fast track pro here is the solution