Help a newbie with VST plug in paths???

Hi all, this is my first post so please help if you can.

Just purchased a Ci2+ interface and it ships with Cubase Artist6. Very good…all loaded up fine and starting to figure my way round it. Its more complicated than what I was using (Mixcraft) but wanted to take the next step up.
Here’s my problem… I have a bunch of VST Plug Ins on disc (Amplitube, Izotope Ozone, String Studio etc…) and for the life of me can’t get them to appear inside Cubase???..I’m saving them to c/program files/steinberg/cubase6/vst plugins
I’ve noticed there are various vst folders???..I assume I’ve picked the right one??

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me the correct path to save these in and the how I then go about loading them up once inside cubase!!..After 3hrs…much help is needed!


The correct path is wherever the dlls reside, the top level folder. Typically it would be:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins

If you take this string - C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins

…and enter it into, Start (round button at bottom left) > “Search programs and files” text box

and then press enter, does it take you to that folder with your vst dlls?

Are you running a 64 or 32 bit version of Windows? 64 or 32 bit version of Cubase?

Sometimes, if you’ve installed VST plugins before any Steinberg software like Cubase, the VST plug-in path could be in some unexpected place. We’ll get there, just tell us some more info.

For my installation of Cubase 6 – an upgrade from v5 running on Win 7 x64 – the Cubase default VST2 folder is c://program files/steinberg/cubase 6/vst plugins. This is the folder that the stock Cubase plugins go into, and which Cubase automatically scans.

But when i install new, 3rd party plugins, the default installation folder is c://program files/steinberg/vst plugins – this is where my new plugins will automatically go, if i don’t specifiy another location during installation.

But Cubase won’t scan this folder unless i change some settings – use the plugin information utility to add this as an additional plugin folder, and the plugins will be automatically added next time Cubase is started up (ie. if i don’t do a manual scan in the meantime).

Or – Plan B – i can reinstall my 3rd party plugins and, during the installation process, choose the default Cubase plugin folder as the installation location (ie. c://program files/steinberg/cubase 6/vst plugins). This means the new plugins will be automatically when i start up Cubase.

In truth, you can usually just drag 3rd party plugin DLLs and folders into the new location, but this doesn’t always work, and it’s a good habit to install them properly (this could save some troubleshooting grief down the road).

It’s worth taking the time to learn how to deal with plugins properly, because things can get way more complicated – for instance i have another DAW program that i use next to Cubase, which has its own default plugin locations. Plus i have both x64 and x32 versions of Cubase installed, which means that many plugins have to have bridged versions set up as alternatives to the original DLL.


You can add two paths in the plug-in dialog. Did you do so?

Easier than reinstalling all your plug-ins.

Go to Devices-> PlugIn Information

Do you see the list of plugins? Those are the plugins Cubase knows about. It should show you paths. The check box on the left allows you to disable plugs that you don’t want to show.

If all of the plugins you are looking for are there, then you just need to learn the difference between a VSTi and an FX. You access them differently.

If they are not there, then you can use the button at the top “VST 2.x Plug-in Paths” to add a path to where you installed the plugs.