Hey guys, I’m really new to the software. I was wondering how to record a guitar track directly through my midi into Cubase ai7 and change the sound. Right now I have my guitar plugged in to my ur22 and all i hear is clean guitar, i would like to be able to play and hear my guitar through Cubase because i have heard about people using all of the different cabinet presets and how good they sound. SO, i really would like to know how to record directly through the midi without using a microphone. ANY HELP IS appreciated, I am very frustrated right now.

What in your opinion in " record through my MIDI"…? You can not record a guitar through MIDI, unless it’ s a MIDI guitar.If you want to use an audio amp simulator - insert it into the guitar channel -explained in the Cubase manual in the chapter (insert) Effects)

I can answer but only in general terms because I don’t have a UR22 or your ver of Cubase. But in general:

I am not sure if you have gotten to the point where you can record audio. It’s a lot of steps. Plug the UR22 into a USB port on your computer. If you have a disk that came with it with drivers run the setup.exe on the disk and install the drivers. Usually you will see an icon for the UR22 show up in the system tray when the driver works. Run Cubase and go to Devices->Device Setup->VST Audio System and there should be a drop down at the top where you select your audio type. The right one will probably say something like “ASIO UR22.” Do not use anything that says DirectX or your sound card.

There’s lots more but I will wait before I get some feedback from you.