HELP - A Project loads hanged due to track name conflict with Nektar controller


I’m using Nektar’s Panorama P4. I guess due to some track name conflict, a project loads but is hanged. I have only option to force quit from task manager. I have backup file that is 3 hours old so I would not get to the latest one.

can anyone guide me what I can do?


I managed to solve it. When I load the project in Nuendo, there was a second pause before it hangs. So I tried to load this project again in nuendo and once it load I immediately press arrow keys on my keyboard (qwerty) to navigate the track. then it didn’t hang. PHEW!

Now I looked manually what has same names and renamed them. I mostly name all my tracks but in the hectic work flow with some projects, I load a vst instrument and dont rename, so eventually I ended up having 3-4 tracks that were same vst instrument name. If they were loaded in order below each other, then they add an incremental numbers for new tracks. But if I navigate to drum section tracks and added new vst instrument track, it won’t add any incremental number.

It would be great if Cubase can automatically add numbers at end when it finds there is another track with same name.

This doesn’t normally cause hangs for me. Usually just the selected tracks for the P go in endless scrolling.

Hang, in the sense, everything becomes unresponsive. I have to force quit. If it happens in between working in a project, it behaves like you said, but once you closed and reopen, it becomes unresponsive.

Just unplug the P4 then open the project, sort out the conflict, close, plug in and reboot. I have a P1 but no conflicts yet!

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That’s great idea. It seems it should as a best workaround option. Thanks a lot mate. :+1:

Next time when I get this issue I’ll that.

I did put a feature request in with Nektar to include an option that the 8 controls would never scroll unless you move them 1 or 8, manually via the track +/- buttons. This way the 8 faders would always be what they were until changed by you. There is an autoselect function you can deselect in Studio Setup, Remote Devices, select “Nektar Panorama” but that’s different. Having the choice there would be great, leaving just the Motorized fader follow the selected track.