HELP!! A refugee from Samplitude

I’m a new in WaveLab Elements 9 after a years of working with Samplitude (I’m editing audio books.)
I dig the software for several days and there are some things that still incomprehensible to me:

  1. Can I work in WaveLab Elements 9 with audio files 12 hours long?
  2. Can I create a project that consists of several audio files overall length can reach 50 hours?
  3. How can I export audio files (MP3) from the markers that created in the project?
    Sorry in advance for the language and banal questions… :blush:

Yes to all your questions… with WaveLab Pro, not WaveLab Elements.
You would use the Audio Montage for this task.
Note that I have never tested a montage that is 50 hours long, but there is no limitation for this.
You might wish to test with the WaveLab Pro Trial version.

So apparently I bought the wrong product …
many thanks Philippe :slight_smile:

Well technically you didn’t lose any money since you get a $100 discount if you upgrade your Wavelab Elements to Pro.