Help about the pedal

I cannot select the end of the pedal to adjust. What can I do ?
I am not sure what is that thing that hiding it
I suggest you better give a bubble show what it is whenever my mouse is hover

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I’m on a Mac:
Alt+left or right will move the whole thing.
Shift+Alt+left or right will extend the line.

The big thing is the System Track. You can hide it with Alt+T

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That’s the system track – you can hide it with ALT-T or click on the item “System Track” in the “View” menu.

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Welcome to the forum @cardydarte – for anything you’re not sure about, like what Dorico calls it or what it is, you should hopefully find that searching either the forum or the manual for something relevant will point you in the right direction. And if it doesn’t, please feel free to let me know! (and there are no wrong or “too obvious” questions/words for things)

For example, I know that lots of new users don’t immediately know that this is called the “system track”, so all kinds of variations on descriptions are embedded in the relevant topic. E.g. searching for “floating grey bar” brings up the page about the system track as the top result.