Help! activating cubase 12

hi everyone!

I have a stupid story and i need your help. I upgraded my cubase 11 to 12.
Yet after installing i (thought i) lost my elicenser. made the whole zero downtime thing and cancelled it. tried to activate it with e softlicenser - no scuccess.
Now it says i have no valid license to upgrade on.
what should i do?


What exact product did you upgrade from?

Are you saying you don’t see any licenses in the Elicenser Control Center?

Look at both screenshots :

Your upgrade is already done, it says that your Cubase 11 license has been upgraded to Cubase 12.

Now you should open the Activation Manager and there it will show the upgraded Cubase 12 license, this is not visible in the eLicenser Control Center anymore.

that’s what i thought, yet…

Cubase 12 is not with elicencer but with activation manager indeed. Just make your elicenser do maintenance and all will be fixed. get your dongle out and back in again. try some things.

Hi guys,
turns out i did all things right. It just took around 48 hours for my activation to happen. It all works without the elicenser. Thanks for the help and solutions!