Help activating Sound Content for Dorico SE

I am trying to activate Sound Content for Dorico SE and Dorico SE, but I get the No License error in the activation manager. I click “Retry”, but it does not even work at all, even when I clicked it multiple times.

By the way, I’m trying to use the Sound Content for Halion Sonic as well (since those sounds load in Halion Sonic). All the Sound Content for both Dorico SE and Halion Sonic should be free, right?

Only the sound packages that you can find in the Dorico 5 SE section of the Steinberg Download Manager are covered by the Dorico 5 SE license.

Welcome to the forum, @MusicLover30. As Ulf says, only the sound content that is listed under Dorico SE in Steinberg Download Assistant is included in the Dorico SE license, so if you’re loading other sound content from elsewhere in SDA, you won’t have a license for that as part of Dorico SE.

Finally managed to activate Dorico SE.

It seems like only relying on Download Assistant won’t register a license, as Steinberg Activation Manager did not seem to detect Dorico SE.

The customer service has advised me to use the website to click “Get Dorico SE” in order to get a valid license, and now Dorico SE has shown up in the Activation Manager.

Thanks to this, the Sound Content has been activated as well.

Great, I’m glad to hear you’re up and running. Hopefully you will have smooth sailing from this point.