Help activating

I’m sorry if this isn’t a good place to put this, but I recently purchased my Zoom H1n and it came with activation codes for WaveLabs LE 11 and Cubase. At this point I’m so sick of trying to get Cubase to work that I don’t even need it, but I was still really hoping to get WaveLabs. Let me explain my issue:

Everything works just fine up until opening the program. I got Steinberg Download Assistant, I put in the code, it worked, and I downloaded the installer from the program. It was looking hopeful at this point!

However after installing, the app showed up on my Apps list like expected, but when I open it it tells me I need to activate it again (or something like that), but whatever I click just doesn’t work and eventually ends by telling me eLicenser is out of date. I’ve installed the latest version of eLicenser like 8 times, so it’s not that… any ideas? If it’s absolutely necessary, I can move to that computer and send screenshots.

This Zoom H1n was not cheap, I’d really like to redeem my software if possible :rofl:

For this kind of issue (activation), please contact Steinberg support channel.