HELP Activation Code Not Working

Hi… i have Activation Code For Software Cubase LE 7, but when i entering activation code at elicense control center… the activation wrong… can you help me ?

Did you use it before? It can only be used once. After that, you can reactivate it in your Steinberg Account

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What message does eLCC show you exactly, please?

i never use before… i get the Activation from i buy mixer Alesis… i download software and when i entering activation code at elicense control center… the activation wrong ? the code is different… at elicense control center digit serial number 4 (XXXX-XXXX…) but my license 5 digit serial number ( XXXXX-XXXXX…)


Where does the code you are entering, coming from? Is it really an Activation Code (if yes, it starts with 0240), or is it a Download Access Code?

my activation code start 111R6-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX


Then this is not an Activation Code. It must be named as Download Access Code.

Go to your MySteinberg account, enter the Download Access Code. The Activation Code will be generated. Enter the new Activation Code to the eLCC application then.

i try input for Download Access Code… its same… show message “NOT VALID”


Where did you input the Download Access Code, please?

at software downloader, its wrong ?

Could you send me the complete code as a private message please? I can check the status of it then.

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Sorry for being off track here , I’m new on the forum and when trying to submit a question I could find no way to post it . Tried Steinberg support and couldn’t get a response , just a reply that they couldn’t reply to my email . Not even sure this will work , can you help ?

@user42 what is your question?

Hello , how do you post after writing a question ? Unless I missed something I couldn’t find anything to click on to post it ?

You are already doing it. Maybe you should just type in the question you have.