[HELP] Activation Email Problems

I was trying to get the license for Cubase LE5 when I accidentally mis-typed in my email address. Now the activation email has been sent to a non-existing email address and I can’t activate my account now. Can someone please help?

Please PM me your email address and if I can view your account information in the US then I can manually activate it for you. If I cannot view your account information or if you are located outside of the US then you can send an email request regarding your issue to noaccess@steinberg.de and our support team in Germany will be able to assist you with that.

I have not received a PM from you. Was noaccess@steinberg.de able to resolve your issue?

Sorry about that, I hadn’t gotten an email notification and had been using an old version of pro tools all week. I’ve emailed noaccess now and hopefully they can help as I live in France. Thank you for your help!