Help: Adding MIDI port changes non-midi track assignments!


I just added a new virtual MIDI port to my system. When I load up Cubase, ALL my track assignments have changed, including those not using MIDI ports.

In other words, every single MIDI track which was mapped to a specific VST instrument is now mapped to a different instrument. My entire project is basically messed up.

I’m going to try and uninstall the port in question to see if I can salvage the situation, but I will need to reinstall it, without losing all my Cubase track assignments.

Actual MIDI port assignemtns I realize will be affected by adding a new port and require re-mapping (which I was prompted to do when my project loaded), but why are all my noon-MIDI port assignments getting screwed up?

My template is over two thousand tracks, so re-assigning everything track by track is many days work.

Many many thanks in advance for any help or guidance.