Help/Advice with Template for Sample Library Instruments(SO)


I thought I’d try to transcribe some scores that I have lying around the place. Orchestral music. For this I’m going to use EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. I know a lot of people hate PLAY, but it’s what I have… and I’m assuming the techniques would be similar whatever I use, that has multiple articulations per instrument?

I’m having a bit of bother navigating my way around my template/how I’ve arranged tracks and I’m not sure it’s really the best way so I’m after some advice.

At present I have one instance of my PLAY vst per instrument in the orchestra. Then I have a number of midi tracks per instance, on each of which will be a different articulation for that instrument. That’s potentially lots of midi tracks, which is fine, but the navigating thereof is proving to be no fun at all.
I tried putting them in folders, so a folder for strings, which has a few instances of the VST in it, and each VST’s midi tracks but already I’m finding it a pain to scroll up and down. This is mainly because of the Automation lanes(?) for each VST… Is there a way to hide them?

Also - when I want to add a new midi track somewhere, is there a way to make it be added (from right click > add track > add midi track menu) to just below the currently selected track/folder? It’s always added right at the bottom and it’s annoying. Particularly when I’m trying to do Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis and everything is a string instrument!

Any tips would be most gratefully received!


Try right clicking somewhere on the track list and choose “Hide All Automation”.

Try right clicking on the Folder Track and Add Track, etc.