Help an Amateur: Using Cubase 7 Elements & Steinberg UR28M

Hello Everyone,
Though I’ve been recording at home for years, I suck. I’m self taught and try picking up valuable info whenever I can. Recently I bought the Steinberg UR28M and Cubase 7 Elements in an effort to take this all more seriously. After using amateur oriented software and hardware, I can’t figure out how to use these, can somebody help me?

What I’m trying to do:
I want to record vocals and guitars. As it stands, I don’t even know how to configure these respective interfaces in order to make that happen. Presently I plug in my guitar, but the software won’t record it-- I can’t even pick up audio in my headphones. Can someone walk me through this? I’d be eternally grateful for your time-- I feel really lost and totally ignorant.

Maybe the YouTube Quick Start videos will help?

They show the full version, but the basics should apply to Elements also.

Make sure you have the ASIO drivers for your UR28M installed. In Cubase, go to devices/device setup/VST Sound system.

Select your steinberg ASIO driver in the dropdown menu.

Next, press F4 to open the VST connections window. Assign busses to the inputs and outputs on your UR28M.

Now you should be able to create an audio track and select an input for it. Press the round button with a dot on it to enable that track for recording. Press the round button with the speaker to output the recorded sound directly to your speakers while recording. Press the record button on the transport panel to start recording. To listen to your recording, disable the monitor button again (the round one with the speaker on it) and hit play.

That should be the basics for audio recording.