[help] - any way to see memory resources?

Hi there,

I’m running some pretty big VI templates, though most of my vi’s are hosted outside of Nuendo in VEP Pro as I’m still using the 32 bit version of Nuendo.
Unfortunately, as my template has grown, Nuendo seems to increasingly run out of memory and sessions get corrupted or become unsavable.
Today I even had it on a practically empty session, which makes me wonder what exactly is eating up Nuendo’s memory, as task manager shows it as being at nearly 3gb.
I’m guessing that VEP PRo with a shedload of Kontakt Instances will eat up loads, as it will have to store references to all the patches used and the samples in them.

Is there any way to see in Nuendo which resources are taking up what memory?
For example:
-VST Plugins - 1.8 gb
-VSTi Instruments - 0.3 gb
-Audio Pool - 0.1 gb
-Fade files
(Kilobytes would be better obviously, but for typing sake I just used gigs here)

This goes some way into troubleshooting what could be the main culprit.
In more detail, it could also list the top 5 memory hogging plugins, or a fancy pie chart that shows where most of the memory is going.

Any way of getting this?