Help! "Audio channel settings" window is gone

I was exploring the “Audio channel settings” window which can be opened via the mixer window, clicking on the “e” icon. I was curious what you happen, if I deactivate all views of this window (I remember there were view settable like Inserts, EQ, Sends, etc.). - Well now I know what happens: when I click on the “e” icon, the colour of the icon gets blue, BUT: no extra window is opened. :open_mouth:

When I show all open windows via OS X, I can see that there is a window “VST Audio channel settings”, but it does not have any contents elements. When I click on this window to switch to it, it is not shown.

I have also tried changing the screen resolution in order to see whether the window went out of my screen, but it is not there.

Clicking on the menu option Window(1) => Windows… => then selecting “VST Audio channel settings” => activate or recover did not help either…

Can anyone help me? Any ideas?

My configuration:
Mac OS X, v10.6.8
Cubase Artist 6.5.5

This helped:

and then deleting defaults.xml

Lost some default settings, though (as the name suggests), but nevermind, the lost window is back.