Help! Audio files move when changing tempo track

Hello Studio Forums!

I have a rather tricky problem. I was and recorded the drums to a disc for a while (Band: Age of Glory) in Cubase 5 I recorded a prerecorded backtrack with a metronome. So I didnt record to Cubase click.

Back at my home studio. I want to add some plugins which are based on automation and so on. The song is set in 150 bpm. The default setting in Cubase is 120 so I change the tempo track to 150 bpm. Now the strange magic happens: The audio files have moved! They have been stretched out… What is happening?

I added three pictures for you guys to look at, the first image is 120 bpm, everything sounds as it should. Second picture, I have raised the tempo. As you can see, the files are stretched out. Third, I have lowered the tempo and the files shrinks.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? I use Cubase Artist 7.

Thanks in advance!
Cubase bild sänkt bpm.png
Cubase bild höjt bpm.png
Cubase bild 120 bpm normal.png

Read up on the terms Straighten Up and Musical and Linear Timebase.