Help: Audio hiccups in Hackintosh


I’m a music producer using Cubase pro 10 as my music production software. The same system with Windows 10 pro works like charm. But tried Hackintosh as I have a macbook pro since nearly an year. Initially it was smooth, but recently it started to get issues with audio performance in the Cubase pro 10 software. It is not software related but something else.

I need your help to figure out what is causing this problem as my last resort to stay in Hackintosh as it disturbs my work a lot.

The problem I’m facing is, audio hiccups and pops every few seconds or minutes in a medium load project which using medium cpu power. I set the audio buffer rate to highest 2048 in my RME UCX audio interface that is connected via usb. Many time while recording a vocal, the recording stops abruptly due to such issue, and had to redo. Its embarrassing in front of my clients. In general a single stereo audio playback is normal. Only in cubase while it has more than 16 audio track and loaded with some vst compressors, reverbs, and/or vst instruments I get this problem.

I never had this issue in windows 10 nor in windows 7, even in my old system. My new system specs that is same for both windows 10 and hackintosh is below.

Intel i7 7700k, Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming K7, 32 GB ddr(2x16gb), Coolermaster hyper 212X cpu cooler, MSI GTX 1050 Gaming X 2G, Traditional HDDs for each OS, Audio recordings and Sample libraries, RME UCX audio interface, USD midi controllers.

High Sierra 10.3.6 in Seagate 512GB HDD with 7200 rpm and 16mb cache. Nvidia webdrivers installed the latest available.
Windows 10 pro in Toshiba 1TB (Partitioned to 512GB for windows) HDD with 7200 rpm and 64mb cache.

Please try to help me. I’m new to mac.