Help! Audio Pool import

I accidentally removed my D.I Tracks from a song. They are still in the Pool but in pieces. When I try and drag and drop them they line up to beat “x” rather than to where they were in the Session

It does show where it belongs in the Pool. Is there a way to import them where they land exactly where they are suppose to?


There is a function: Paste to origin position. Is it possible to use this?

I don’t know you tell me haha. Is there a function to paste to origin

There is a function called Move to origin which should do what you need.
You might be able to do it when importing from pool.
Right click insert into project/at origin. I think.

Don’t you have any (auto) backups of your project file? Maybe an older version has the D.I. tracks in the right place. Then you can copy & paste those tracks to your current project.

Right-click to the event (file) in Pool, and select Insert into Project > At Origin.