Help! Audio problems!

So here is the issue. I rewired my desk and everything is almost 100% the same. Im trying to play some of my tracks and when i use my built in speakers they play on my laptop no prob. But when I switch the device over to my scarlett I get no signal or sound. I have no idea what changed or why this is happening and I want to explode. Please help!

What does it show in VST Connections (F4)?

it shows that the scarlett is connected and it says monitor left and right are connected. its strange because the play back in my mix console shows nothing when I have the interface being used but when i switch it to built in it it shows the levels and works fine.

Waht are the buffers bon the scarlett set to? Raise them to something about 256 samples…?!

sorry I’m a noob, how do i go about that?

I don´t know, since I don´t have one… Try the manual ?

ya no dice on that, for some reason i think its a routing issue but i can figure out where about its connection is not going through. makes little sense to me that there are no levels appearing when i switch from the built in to the scarlett

just tried my old audio interface and it works fine

Gday Draven666.
Did you sort out the problem with the Scarlett?
If not what model Scarlett is it?

I have the New gen 18i20 and it works very well. Have you set up the interface with Focus Control?

Hi Draven666

I’m not sure if this will resolve your issue but if you’re on a PC go to Control Panel/Sound and check ‘Playback’ and ‘Recording’ and make sure your Scarlett is both set as the Default Device!

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah