Help! Audio track size editor reversed?

I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase 9 (artist) from 5, and they seem to have done changes to the way you used to edit audio track length?

It’s a bit hard to explain. In 5, if you wanted to shrink (or extend) the audio track size you’d just click and drag the track in, say, the right end to where you wanted it, and the track would shrink in the right end. Now if you want to shrink the track in the right end, you have to click and drack the track in the left end for it to shrink in the right end. It sort of feels like I’m relearning how to write with my left hand, being right-handed.

Does anyone understand what my issue is, and how to fix it? If I want to shrink or extend the track in the right end of the track, I want it to shrink and extend in the right end, not in the left end.


It seems, you have no common “Object Selection - Normal Sizing” tool selected, but “Object Selection - Sizing Moves Content”. Click to the “Object Selection” tool in the toolbar, and select the very 1st option here.

Works like a charm. Thank you! :slight_smile: