HELP: Automation lanes skip downwards while drawing parameters

Can someone help me solve this? While drawing automation events, my automation lanes jump downwards to -16 0r-17 (negative values) each time I draw for the first time. It happens only the first time I draw on each lane. Thereafter it stabilizes and I can draw without any reductions in value at all. Why does it behave as such on each track’s automation lane? . Are there any settings that could solve this? Does this have to do with snap to grid? It really messes with my balance for individual tracks any time I want to perform finetuning tasks during mixing.

Don’t think so… Must be something different…
Version? OS?
What kind of automation lanes? Which automation mode?

Windows 10, volume automation, level automation for sends and plugins. It happens in all automation modes (touch, trim, etc)

Check your automation settings… F6…
but I don’t think this is the problem… could be something else

It just works as expected on my side…

Thanks a lot, would do