Help! Been awake for 2 days trying to solve this.......


Been using Cubase for the last 10 years.

I can not find a solution to this problem anywhere on the web or on these forums. All of your help is REALLY welcome.

-Mixer meters does not appear, allthough there is sound coming from my audio tracks, instrument tracks. No sound-meter on the Stereo out either. When dragging faders up and down, volume gets adjusted, because I can hear sound.

-When moving bars from A–> B it suddenly disappears until I release them. And I have to “guess” where my bars are placed.(Does not matter if SNap is activated)

-When using my cut tool, it does not indicte by a line where I am cutting, but it is cutting.

It all seems to me like there is some sort of graphical bug, because everything “functions” properly. I am unable to work on my projects now, and my worktime is reduced BIGTIME. Loosing money every day now, and I need some help badly.

I am using Mac 10.9.5 .

I’ve tried this:

-Downloading the latest version
-Deleting prefs
-Using pref. projects, but it goes for all projects, new and old.
-Opened it in 32-bit and 64- bit.
-Reinstalled it.

WHAT ELSE CAN I DO!?!?! I am seriousely going mad. HELP!

while i dont have solutions for your issues i do have some advice:

  1. if worktime is critical go back to 7.5.40 to maintain cash flow until the “bugs” are addressed.

  2. get some sleep :slight_smile:


Do you still have a Preferences folder from a Previous version of Cubase? If so, when you trashed your C8 Preferences, Cubase would try to import the Preferences from that earlier folder. If that is the case, try removing those earlier Preferences also.
Any chance of a couple of screenshots? Not sure what i am trying to picture when you mention “moving bars from A–B”. What is disappearing?
Any other software with graphics problems?


Thanks for helping me out!

No prev. pref folders available.

I will give you an example of what is disappearing:

If I record audio or midi, and when doing the most common operation of let’s say dragging a recorded bar somewhere.
As I click on it, and drag; it disappears totally until its dragged in place. Same happens now in-editor. If I try to drag a MIDI note in place, it disappears, so that I cant see where I put it until I release it. It’s realy strange.

The mixer:
The blue meters that indicate signal and sound itself does not appear, alltough I can adjust volume by dragging the faders up and down.

Does this happen , even when starting from a brand new, empty Project?
If so, I’m inclined to think that the problem is maybe exterior to Cubase 8. Has it been working ok until recently? Have you added/updated some other software recently? Do you still have Cubase 7.x? (or the means to re-install it… your C8 license will still be valid)
I’d even go so far as to create a new, temporary User Account on your Mac, and try running Cubase 8 from there, see if it does anything similar (although of course you may be missing some plugins, or maybe your audio setup :wink: )

Used to have this issue with 7.5.3 only on certain projects at random sessions. i had to totally uninstall cubase and all its bells and whistles and do a fresh clean install.

see if it is project related and when you e-launch C8. Launch it in safe mode, with the problem project…

at least it may narrow it down