Help before the first gig


I’ve been using VL since December 2023 with my band. Over the months the set grew, I’ve build them more than once completely new from scratch and tried a variety of different versions.

I’m on 2.0.6 now and so far things have been stable (enough). We use the click, some tracks and layers here and there.

We have our first gig with VL in 2 weeks and I would really appreciate it, if I can have a video call with someone, who successfully played gigs with VL. I just wanna make sure to set up everything right. :sweat_smile:

Cannot provide a video call, but some advice:
Whatever you use on stage, just make sure to use what you have tested during preparation and rehearsals. Disconnect that system from internet before starting to test, and don’t reconnect or update anything until after the show :slight_smile:

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Just to add my two penneth: Use a UPS, and test it periodically