HELP, Behringer BCF2000 with Cubase Pro 8 Baby HUI isuue

Hello everybody, please help.I’m using BCF2000 in Baby HUI mode and I can switch banks of 8 faders back and forth. The problem is that the white line indicator on the Cubase mix console wont follow the banks changes, it stays stuck on faders 1-8 causing visual confusion (motorized faders on BCF2000 do actually follow without problem, and solo-mute buttons work OK, as do the PAN knobs) I’m on a Mac Mini late 2012, MacOS 10.9.5 Mavericks, Cubase Pro 8.0.30. I prefered to use Baby HUI mode because it let me access the SOLO buttons easily. Is it a bug on BCF, Cubase 8 or I’m doing anything wrong? Please help, I dont want to use Mackie Control emulation, too complicated for my needs, Thanks for your help, regards.

I have the same problem. Seems a bug in Cubase. Closing and reopening the mixconsole is a workaround.

Thanks flexionmusic. I tried and ypu are right. Closing and reopening the mix console actualize or refresh the white line bank indicator status, but then it get stuck again on the latest bank. You have to close-reopen the mix console everytime you change fader banks so the white line shows the correct bank. Thats not the best situation. Any other clue everybody? Thanks, regards:

i’m experiencing this problem right now. has anybody found a solution?