- Help box -

I hope if there a shortcut for steinberg help directly inside cubase

Pressing F1 over any tool or any menu / option / setting / button
to open pop-up help box
or takes you directly to steinberg help website and directly to what you’re looking for.

Good idea. many a noob would benefit from this. If you hit F1 and the tool tip popped up, then on the tool tip there was an option to get help. In case the tool tip isn’t helpful enough. I would use this just to check out stuff that I don’t usually use, just out of curiosity. I think it should link you to the relevant part of the manual instead of the website. Much quicker and then you would’t have to be online to learn.

Thank you J Buckingham
Yes that’s what i mean :slight_smile:

MeldaProduction plugins uses the same idea

Every program should implement this for training purposes. It would mean you wouldn’t have to stop what you are doing and open up the manual and search for the right section. leaning would become part of the workflow.

You’re right :stuck_out_tongue: