Help! Broken E-Licenser

Unfortunately my E Licenser Containing the license for Cubase 7 broke/stopped working. I bought a new e licenser, entered the activation code i got when I bought the software new. I have all the original paperwork but it won’t let me register my product online and the activation code will not work on the new e licenser. Can anyone here point me in the right direction? Working on cubase is my livelihood :frowning: Thanks in advance!

It is impossible to use the same activation code twice.
If your Elicenser is completely dead, you will need to send it to Steinberg.

Read this (go to number 2:Procedures for lost/defective USB-eLicensers):

Also this:

So im pretty much out of luck since the elicenser was never registered? I thought somehow activating it would be registered but I see that’s not the case. I threw away the elicenser because it did break, put it back together and didn’t work.

Throwing it away was a big mistake. You can try to contact support and explain the situation (but keep the invoice or other proof of purchase with you).

Yes, make copies of everything to send them. Good luck. Now you know.