Help! Cannot import ANYTHING since .30 update!!!

Please help quickly! What can I do? I’m just in the middle of doing an album project and without thinking updated from .20 to .30 version. Everything seems to work perfect.

BUT. When I go to import audio file, it crashes. Never gets to the dialog where I’d choose the file - simply the rotating ball appears and stays there forever. Cubase doesn’t say not responding, but does nothing. It can’t be shut down from task manager; the only way to proceed is to shut down the whole computer!

Doesn’t matter whether I start a brand new project or use an older one…it simply crashes immediately upon selecting import audio.

What can I try???

UPDATE: apparently it’s not just audio, also trying to import MIDI it asks if I want to create a new project, and whatever I click, it just goes into the same loop forever.

UPDATE - now going to try downloading and reinstalling Cubase over the old one hoping that might fix this issue. Can’t do anything if I can’t get audio into it :frowning:

I tried rolling back to .20 version via Control panel, but no go, it wants Cubase9.msi to do it and I can’t find such a file on my PC.

As an afterthought - I think I MAY have realized what went wrong. Upon installing the update, I ticked the box ‘install for all users of this PC’ and I may not have done that before. So when I start to go to any file import, maybe it hangs in looking for other user’s files (although it’s just me but there are users in HomeGroup attached machines). Also tried disabling network while trying to import, but nope…it still crashes completely and without any errors when I try any import.

UPDATE - rolled back to .20 version by extracting the Cubase9.msi to a folder along with the full 10gb+ package, and was able to uninstall the .30 update via Control Panel add/remove programs (showing updates as well).

And importing immediately started working. PHEW!!! Now I just won’t update to .30 for love or money until I revamp my whole PC setup :slight_smile:

Scary story, glad it worked out. What are your specs?

Added my main info to my sig. That’s most of it. I have some outboard gear, a DEQ2496 for room correction and some tube preamps, verbs, and Liquid 56 Saffire as my main DAW card.

Also run a 2nd PC for Amplitube 4 only which serves as my guitar/bass amp for recording. But from there it’s just audio only. For drums I use either Groove Agent 4 with Simon Phillips pack, or SSD.

What you could have tried to do was bypass/delete your preferences. See “Start Safe Mode” in Alexis’ signature.