Help! Can't access VST plug-ins

I am at a loss just now. I have Cubase 5 running on the Synergy AW700 music workstation interfaced with the Yamaha 01x digital mixer. Being slightly old school this equipment is a new adventure. My problem is that even though I believe I have followed the install procedure for the Vst plug-ins to the letter I cannot access them in Cubase 5. All the plug-ins (Steinbergs own & the VST plug-ins that came with 01x) only appear in the menus in faded grey text (not bold black) and connot be opened . I have installed the plug-ins as follows.

  1. installed the Plug-ins.
  2. additionally installed the plug-ins into the steinberg folder.
  3. Moved all the plug-ins into ths ‘VST Plug-ins’ folder within the Cubase folder (they all seem to be there).
  4. Finally I have checked that the plug-ins are in the table of items in the ‘Plug-in information’ window (in the devices menu) and that they have the tick in the ‘A’ list on the extreme left of the window.
    What am I doing wrong? What have I not done that I should have? Can anybody help?
    One last problem since updating Cubase5 with 5.5.2 update the abilty to apply a strong colour to the ruler track seems to have been removed from the preferences. Any idea as to how to overcome this?

See what I wrote here;

Yippee!!! Thank you ‘mashedmitten’. I followed your dialogue with ‘bookers123’ and followed your instructions step by step. but apart from having to remove third party plug-ins from the cubase vst plug-ins folder everything seemed to be as it should be. Still I could not locate the plug-ins. It was only when I got to the point when you asked wether ‘bookers123’ was looking for the plug-ins in the right place that the light came on. I had been trying to locate the plug- ins from the ‘Audio’ drop down menu under plug-ins ( I still cannot access the plug-ins from this method ). It was at the point when ‘bookers123’ said all his plug-ins where in the audio inserts on the actual tracks that it became clear I was looking in the wrong place. I checked the track inserts and all the plug-ins where there and working. Thank you again. :smiley: