Help!! Can't activate Cubase 8!


I’ve downloaded Cubase 8 as I am eligible for a grace period update from 7.5. However, after running the latest version of eLC, I am unable to get my license to transfer to a Cubase 8 license. I always get an error when I run maintenance when it reaches step 5 and it is unable to recover license transactions. I’ve always had this error message but it’s never affected the licensing of any products. What can I do?!

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Did you update to the latest elc?

Yes, that was the first thing I tried. I think a web page is supposed to initiate when you run maintenance?

No. I don’t really know the tech detailes of how this works, so this question might or might not be valid- is your previous license registered in your Steinberg account?

If we see other reports of this error we can assume there’s a prob with the license server- very rare, but has happened. They would be on it pretty quick if it was that.

System specs?

Thanks Steve. Yes, my 7.5 license is registered in my account. I’m on an iMac 3.4 ghz i7(late 2012) with 32gb ram, OS X 10.9 Mavericks (latest version). Hoping it’s not an eLicenser hardware problem but I’ve never had any issues activating products before. I don’t know if there’s another way because when upgrading, they don’t seem to supply you with an activation code prior to this stage.

Well, there’s always restarting the Mac. I would try later, or just open a support request.

(no web page appears during this process, it all happens within the elc.)

Hi there,

could be a connection, permissions or installation problem.

Please, check your firewall settings first - then, I would uninstall the eLCC, repair the disk permissions (Go -> Utilities -> Disk Utility), restart your Mac and reinstall the eLCC.

If the problem persists, please report the exact wording of the error message; perhaps we’ll need to check deeper.


Thanks Fabio, will try your suggestions now!

Followed the steps, but still no good. Same as before. I get a ‘Recovering License Transactions’ dialog box containing this message:

'An error occurred which prevented the operation from succeeding.

Please restart your computer system and try again, or contact your software vendor’s support department in case the error persists.

Click ‘OK’ to proceed with further maintenance tasks, or click ‘Cancel’ to stop the maintenance procedure.’

Oh dear…

Mmmmhh, ok.

Please, try with the “Recover” function under the Actions menu.

If this fails again, please send your account’s details via PM. I will check what went wrong ASAP.

Thank you.


I bought the Cubase Artist update yesterday, from 7.5 and I also cannot register it. When I put may Actvation code into updating the licence it says that there is no license on eLicenser to upgrade. I have all the latest versions of ELicenser center and have all things registered on
I tried a few times, but it is always the same!
Any suggestions?
Thank you!!

Same problem here. Activation process freezes both on Maintenance procedure and activating thing.


As I have posted elsewhere on this forum, I cannot update my USB-eLicenser (just received today) from a Soft-eLicenser after purchasing Cubase Artist 8 as an upgrade from Cubase Elements 8.

Many thanks for your replies.