Help...Can't Activate Cubase LE 8


I got the N.I KA6 and it came with Cubase LE8. I have been told I need to activate my code. So I have my Activation Code and then I download the latest version of the eLicence Control Centre.

So then I realise I have to find the serial number of the eLCC and register it at Steinberg. PROBLEM, there is no serial number. When I follow the instructions at Steinberg, to click Register in eLCC, it just tells me to “register my product at Steinberg.”

So you can see the problem, Steinberg tells me to get the serial number from eLLC, eLLC won’t give it to me, it isn’t there and tells me to go back to Steinberg. I’m going round and round in circles. This is a nightmare, please help.

By the way, when I enter my activation code into the eLLC, it says I need a USB eLicenser. I thought I only needed the soft licence, hence me doing the actions described above.