HELP! Can't activate my Cubase 12 Pro (Competitive Crossgrade)

I have just bought Cubase 12 Pro (Competitive Corssgrade), I received the “Download Access Code” in the email and used it to register in the “Steinberg Download Assistant” App. I installed and tried to activate/register Cubase 12 Pro via this video tutorial: Steinberg Download Assistant (for elicenser based products) | Support - YouTube
However, When I entered my “Download Access Code” in the “Steinberg Download Assistant” App, it just said “You are now entitled to use Cubase 12 Pro Crossgrade … The product license is activated automatically when starting Cubase 12 Pro Crossgrrade…” So, I started Cubase 12 Pro and it did NOT activate automatically, it didn’t show the activation code neither (if this code still exists in this format). All it said was “Your Trial Has Expired” (I used to use Cubase 12 Pro as a trial before but I already uninstalled everything related to it and reinstalled Cubase from the fresh start). Now, I’m stuck, this is my first time buying any steinberg product so I’m not familiar with the process, please help!
I’m using MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2018 (macOS Big Sur). I live in Canada btw.
I’m emailing the support too but I’m not sure I email the right department, could anyone also suggest me the right email please? Thank you!

Hello! Have you tried the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM)?

Yes! I have opened Steinberg Activation Manager and on the Cubase 12 Pro section, it says “Trial expired” and it only shows the “Buy” button next to it. It didn’t give me any “Activate” button or anything like that

I would try to catch Steinberg US-support by
M. Preussner

Thanks! I literally just called them but I live in Canada so they gave me the Canada department email, still waiting for their response tho

Hi all! I just realized that I was using a different account under the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) haha, such a novice mistake. I can use Cubase now! so excited for this

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You are welcome!