HELP...! cant add vst sound back to halion, loopmash and groove agent

if someone can help me i’ll be thankful!
way to confused, Accidently changed format to the wrong hard disk witch stored the vst sounds folder of the basic instruments that comes with the cubase…
after managing to recover the data, some vst instruments cant read the files, even when trying to locate manually…

You may have to re-install. That’s probably what it will come down to. But before going to that much trouble… assuming you’re working from Cubase, go to the Plugin Manager and re-scan the VSTis. Check the search paths. You can try adding new search paths if something didn’t get noticed.

You’ll have to download the full 10GB installer and let it reinstall everything. You wont lose any settings.

If you haven’t upgraded to Cubase 9.5 already, now might be a good time since you’ll have to download stuff anyway.