Help! Can't launch "Cubase_AI_8_Installer_mac.dmg" :(

Hey friends,
I am SUPER new to Mac, so please tolerate my freshness.
I cannot progress past the initial downloading of the Cubase AI software for Mac. I download the file, and upon launching “Cubase_AI_8_Installer_mac.dmg” I get a pop-up window saying “no mountable file systems”. And that is apparently that.
I barely know what a .dmg file DOES, let alone know how to fix this problem. I have followed the Steinberg Youtube tutorial video, just in case I was downloading the wrong thing but I’m doing exactly what’s demonstrated. I have downloaded .dmg files before and have tested them during this problem to see if its an issue with the file type in general, but it seems to only be this one. If it helps, my Mac is running OS X El Capitan 10.11.5.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok this turned out to be an issue with some files on my Mac interrupting this particular file. I contacted Apple directly and did some troubleshooting. I deleted my Caches and Launch Files folders in the Library, alongside previously downloaded versions of the file, emptied the trash, redownloaded the file, rebooted the system & emptied trash again and it worked fine :slight_smile: