Help! can't monitor/record using Presonus interface

Does anyone have any experience using Presonus USB audio interfaces with Cubasis 3? I am having problems monitoring and recording audio.

I recently got an iPad Pro with the M1 chip. I am using Cubasis 3 and I grabbed a Presonus 1810c. Using the interface, I can hear sounds coming from Cubasis (such as midi tracks and the metronome), but audio doesn’t seem to be making it to the Cubasis. The input meter on the interface suggests a good level, but I am unable to monitor this signal, and if I try to record then no sound is recorded.

If I use Garage Band, the interface seems to work fine. So maybe they just don’t work with one another?

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Please have a look at the recording chapter of our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial:

Does this help to resolve the problem?

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