Help Center is down

Hi Guys,
The help center website seems to be down at the moment. Does anyone know and email address i can contact them with. I purchased an update for Cubase 11 which I already own. :crazy_face: Just want to check in with them about it.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which page exactly do you mean, please?

It’s country specific. Where are you?

New Zealand - I just get this site can’t be reached…

helpcenter. steinberg. de


It works for me here (Germany).

Will try again tomorrow

Other than US and most of EUrope the Steinberg site says local distributors, usually Yamaha divisions, are responsible for support. This is the entry for Aus and NZ:

Yeah but I purchased from their website. Surely they could just have a chat box with a bot like any other company in 2021.
Most support from Aus/NZ for international products is pretty crap and they can never actually answer your questions.

Yeah, the chat is on the helpcenter page. You could try cheating and use the US e-mail:

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Will do thanks

This was above the e-mail address:

Please include the following information when emailing us with a technical question:

Phone number
Steinberg Product you are having issues with
Mac or PC
Operating system version